The Spicy Indian


Hours Open: 07:00 - 00:00
Established: 2003-12-01
Address: 45 Bolton Street
Currently managed by: Alex Dill

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I love indian food so I thought Id give this place a try. Ordered take out (butter chicken and a bottle of soda) which came to around $20 (!!!!). The butter chicken was okay, portion sizes were a little small and it just was not worth the money. The worst part is when I tasted my drink and realized it was off and saw that it expired in September of 2014. Gross! Gave the place a call and all the guy told me is that they bought it from Costco a week ago and next time I come in I can have a free drink. Yeah, Im good.

by FightThePower | Blogger

Food: 2 | Mood: 2 | Price: 1 | Staff: 2

Not a fancy place but food is excellent. Ask the server recommendations

by ImHungryFeedMe | Verified Critic

Food: 4 | Mood: 3 | Price: 4 | Staff: 4

Got food for takeout last night and it was unreal. Great quality, friendly staff, and cheap prices. Fed two (appetizer and meals) for $33. Highly recommended!

by TastyEatz | Verified Critic

Food: 5 | Mood: 4 | Price: 5 | Staff: 5

Not very knowledgeable when it comes to Indian food. Got take out and really enjoyed it. Will return to try more menu items.

by CatsAreCute22 | Casual

Food: 5 | Mood: 4 | Price: 4 | Staff: 4

I find this to be the best Indian restaurant in town. The first time I ate here, the taste almost transported me back home...making me nostalgic. Love the food here!

by Missy | Casual

Food: 5 | Mood: 5 | Price: 5 | Staff: 5

So we stumbled into Chillies on our way to Quiznos for lunch and boy were we ever glad we came here. This restaurant has an informal ambience but authentic North Indian food served in large portions and fraction of price of other popular yet similar restaurants. Their Thallis are worth trying. We will definitely return.

by FoodBlogger | Blogger

Food: 5 | Mood: 5 | Price: 5 | Staff: 5

Came in for dinner and had a blast. Our waiter Julie was super friendly and efficient. Despite the crowd, my water glass was bottomless. The chicken Samosas were delicious but it was the sauce that came with them that really shined. Happy with this one.

by Missy | Casual

Food: 5 | Mood: 4 | Price: 4 | Staff: 5

Fabulous Lunch! Servers were kind and quick. Will go again.

by TSwiftIsMyLife | Casual

Food: 5 | Mood: 5 | Price: 5 | Staff: 5