Play Food and Wine


Hours Open: 08:00 - 23:00
Fine Dining
Established: 2006-01-01
Address: 100 Sussex Drive
Currently managed by: Mary Willows

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Play is a great restaurant! I have been a few times now and it never lets me down. Each two months the menu changes which provides its customers with a new and equally amazing culinary experience. But they also keep the all time favorite hanger steak! The service is equally amazing and very friendly. I would recommend Play to anyone that wants a fun and delicious experience is the heart of downtown.

by TheIncredibleHulk | Casual

Food: 5 | Mood: 5 | Price: 5 | Staff: 5

Last night I went to Play for a friends birthday. While my two friends thoroughly enjoyed their dinner as meat eaters, as a vegetarian I felt my experience was very lackluster. We were asked if there were any food allergies, but in no way were we informed that there was a separate vegetarian menu that you needed to ask for (and I did not inform the waiter I was vegetarian- since it is not an allergy!). How was I supposed to know that there was another menu?? I had no advance knowledge of this special menu, apparently I should have researched more and possibly would have better enjoyed my experience. Instead, my friends and I shared three cheese samples, that were tasty but very small. I had a bland carrot soup and a overpriced fig salad, both of which I could have made myself at home and tasted much better. Overall it was not a bad experience, but I felt left out from enjoying what I was hoping would be an excellent dining experience because of this hidden vegetarian menu. In the end, we eventually went to El Camino where I had excellent tacos since I was still hungry!

by FoodBlogger | Blogger

Food: 3 | Mood: 2 | Price: 4 | Staff: 2

Small plates of delicious and creative food. Clean and simple décor, presentation and atmosphere. Professional service, GREAT wine selection. Perfect for a nice business lunch or date. Love the place. Well done.

by ImHungryFeedMe | Verified Critic

Food: 5 | Mood: 5 | Price: 3 | Staff: 4

Play is one of my favourite restaurants in the ByWard market. The service is always excellent, and the menu changes constantly so there is always something new to discover.

by NotPeterParker | Casual

Food: 4 | Mood: 4 | Price: 4 | Staff: 5

The food and service were excellent; we had a wonderful time. We will be back!

by FoodBlogger | Blogger

Food: 5 | Mood: 4 | Price: 4 | Staff: 5

Was sadly disappointed with dinner last night. I had the watermelon salad, which had lovely watermelon, but not a lot else -- the lime ricotta was nice, but not enough of it to contrast with the melon. Grilled squid was nicely cooked, but no one had even whispered grill in its ear. The result was bland tasting, as was the quinoa it came with. The hangar steak was lovely, and the fries were good

by BruceWayne | Casual

Food: 2 | Mood: 3 | Price: 2 | Staff: 4

Perfect for having a small plate + dessert (usually there is no room left because most restaurants serve enormous mains). And with desserts like the chocolate pâté or the brownie with gelato, it is space well saved in your stomach!

by IAmGroot | Casual

Food: 5 | Mood: 5 | Price: 3 | Staff: 4

Food was so creative and tasty. Chef is a genius. Also, a relaxed atmosphere. A+ all around.

by BruceWayne | Casual

Food: 5 | Mood: 5 | Price: 5 | Staff: 5