Hours Open: 12:00 - 00:00
Established: 2014-05-01
Address: 55 Lees Ave
Currently managed by: Jeremy Chambers

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Average Rating



Blues Burger $13.99 Entree 4.5
Cracker Jack $12.99 Entree 3.5
Splitsville $4.75 Dessert 5
Milkshakes $5.99 Beverage 3


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From the rings to the burger & the milkshakes... never disappoints!!! THE MILKSHAKES ARE AWESOME. Every time I go, I try a different topping, some I did not fancy but majority have been YUM. I just wish it was bigger so we dont have to wait in line for too long when it is busy.

by FoodBlogger | Blogger

Food: 5 | Mood: 5 | Price: 4 | Staff: 3

I am working for a company where we order lunch every week from this restaurant, and after 5 months, i always got a rotten vegetables and hard bread, never got a fresh food from them, all my colleagues complaining about this too, we are in the process of reporting a complaint to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, hopefully this will resolve the issue or at least close it so we do not get rotten food any more

by KryptoniteSucks | Casual

Food: 1 | Mood: 2 | Price: 3 | Staff: 2

it was a mediocre burger, i heard it was good but it was ehhhh. everybody said it was amazing and it wasnt. also the way the food is served is very silly, it doesnt add anything new to the table.

by ImHungryFeedMe | Verified Critic

Food: 3 | Mood: 3 | Price: 3 | Staff: 5

Great burgers! Excellent! I love visiting this place, I always enjoy the food.

by LegitimateUser | Other

Food: 5 | Mood: 5 | Price: 4 | Staff: 4

Overpriced. Sure is a lot of money to pay for a hamburger...

by DannyRatezFood | Verified Critic

Food: 3 | Mood: 4 | Price: 2 | Staff: 4

If you are craving for burger this is the place! It is a little expensive for burger but they are very big. The look of the place is *special* but what do you expect when you want a burger! This is a good fast food restaurant.

by TSwiftIsMyLife | Casual

Food: 5 | Mood: 4 | Price: 3 | Staff: 5

Once again, I must say this place is overated. It goes by the best burger, the amazing tower of onion rings, etc. It is always full and I still cannot figure it out. Of course, this place is fun, the menu is funny and interesting, good decor and good service, but the burger itself, needs some work to do. Regarding the onion ring tower, again fun... but it taste like... onion rings... nothing special.

by DannyRatezFood | Verified Critic

Food: 3 | Mood: 5 | Price: 1 | Staff: 4

Great for a heavy lunch. Lots of selection. The fries are delicious.

by GermanShepherdsRule | Casual

Food: 4 | Mood: 3 | Price: 4 | Staff: 4